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Puffin numbers on Lundy during Summer 2007

Saunders N & Wheatley S (2008b) J Lundy Field Society 1:57-64

Between April and July 2007 a total of 21 surveys were conducted at St Philip's Stone to ascertain the number of puffins on Lundy and to determine breeding success. The 2007 survey showed activity at seven different burrows. The results suggest that five pairs attempted breeding and feeding observations were recorded at four burrows, indicating successful breeding. At the fifth burrow (burrow C) activity declined in mid-June suggesting a failed breeding attempt. On 13 July a puffin chick was observed at burrow E. The survey was discontinued in mid-July due to adverse weather at which time three pairs (at burrows D, H & I) were still actively feeding.

Journal of the Lundy Field Society 1


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