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Moult of the Guillemot Uria aalge

Birkhead TR & Taylor AM (1977) Ibis 119:80-85

The timing and sequence of moult in the Alcidae is not well known. Some information on the Guillemot Uria aalge has been provided by Verwey (1922, 1924), who described the partial spring moult of Guillemots from specimens found dead, and Salomonsen (1944), who described patterns of post- and pre-nuptial moult from a small sample of museum skins. In common with bird of several other families, Guillemots experience a period of flightlessness during the replacement of the remiges. Since moult is undergone at sea, the length of the flightless period is unknown and its consequences have not been examined. The present paper describes the sequence and duration of post- and pre-nuptial moult in a group of captive Guillemots.


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