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Rats and seabirds on Lundy - report of a debate

Hiscock K (1999) Ann Rep Lundy Field Society 1998 49:82-85

Editor's Note
This paper reports on the outcome of a debate held at the 1999 A.G.M. of the Lundy Field Society on 6th March 1999, at the Peter Chalk Centre, University of Exeter. Ordinarily material relating to 1999 would not be published until the 1999 Annual Report (published in 2000), however, it was felt by the Lundy Field Society Committee (meeting held on 4th July 1999) that the issue addressed was of sufficient importance to bring its publication forwards, hence its inclusion in the 1998 Annual Report. The debate was initiated and chaired by Dr. Keith Hiscock (Honourary Vice-President, Lundy Field Society). Dr Hayley Randle, Editor


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