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Cliff nesting Seabird Productivity on Lundy 2008
Wheatley, S. & Saunders, N. (2010) Journal of the Lundy Field Society 2:85-90
The productivity of Black-legged Kittwake [Rissa tridactyla], Common Guillemot [Uria aalge], and Northern Fulmar [Fulmaris glacialis] was surveyed at four sites on Lundy in 2008. Average Kittiwake productivity was 0.13 per pair, average Guillemot productivity 0.35, and average Fulmar productivity 0.3 with little variation in species productivity between each study site. Predation was seen at two sites and rainfall was high suring the season.

Keywords: Fulmar, Kittiwake, Guillemot, productivity


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