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Birds on Lundy: a summary of fieldwork and results from the National Bird Atlas 2007-2011
Davis,T. & Jones, T. (2012) Journal of the Lundy Field Society 3:99-110
Fieldwork for the National Bird Atlas 2007-2011 was carried out on Lundy (Ordnance Survey grid square SS14) to gather information on species distribution and relative abundance (but not population size). Surveys took place in two seasons: winter (November-February) and the breeding season (April-July). A total of 86 species was recorded in winter. The number of species recorded during the breeding season was 115, of which 37 were confirmed as breeding. The resulting Atlas, to be published in 2013, is likely to underpin evidence from existing data (eg. from the Breeding Birds Survey) that point to national declines among species that still occur in good densities on Lundy, notably Meadow Pipit, Skylark, Wheatear and House Sparrow. Forthcoming surveys of breeding seabirds and terrestrial birds will reveal the overall population sizes of Lundy's birds.

Keywords: Lundy, National Bird Atlas, breeding bird distribution, breeding evidence, wintering bird distribution

[PDF 657K] Journal of the Lundy Field Society 3


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