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Jonas Hentati-Sundberg

Books & Articles
  • Kadin, M., Olsson, O., Hentati-Sundberg, J., Willerström Ehrning, E. & Blenckner, T. (2016) "Common Guillemot Uria aalge parents adjust provisioning rates to compensate for low food quality" Ibis 158(1):167-178
  • Kadin, M., Österblom, H., Hentati-Sundberg, J. & Olsson, O. (2012) "Contrasting effects of food quality and quantity on a marine top predator" Mar Ecol Prog Ser 444:239-249

  • Hentati-Sundberg, J., Österblom, H., Kadin, M., Jansson, Å. & Olsson, O. (2011) "The Karlsö murre lab methodology can stimulate innovative seabird research" Marine Ornithology 40(1):11–16
  • [PDF 272K]

  • Sundberg, J. (2008) "Causes and consequences of timing of breeding in Common Guillemot, Uria aalge, in the Baltic Sea" Degree project thesis, Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University

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