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  • Hickman, A.E., Moore, C.M., Sharples, J., Lucas, M.I., Tilstone, G.H., Krivtsov, V. & Holligan, P.M. (2012) "Primary production and nitrate uptake within the seasonal thermocline of a stratified shelf sea" Mar Ecol Prog Ser 463:39-57
  • Hickman, A.E., Holligan, P.M., Moore, C.M., Sharples, J., Krivtsov, V. & Palmer, M.R. (2009) "Distribution and chromatic adaptation of phytoplankton within a shelf sea thermocline" Limnol Oceanogr 54:525-536

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  • Dr. Anna Hickman - Home "I am a biological oceanographer interested in marine phytoplankton and their role in the climate system. My research focuses on how phytoplankton physiology, ecology and productivity are controlled by the physical environment. My work is highly interdisciplinary, encompassing biological, physical, chemical and optical oceanography. I use a combination of field experiments and numerical modelling in my approach."
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