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Feeding ecology of Common Guillemots on Lundy

Feeding ecology of Common Guillemots on Lundy: feeding-trip duration in 2014

2013 - Feeding-trip duration on Lundy - 2015

Timed feeds
 3: 06m25s 07m45s 07m48s
10: 11m15s 11m47s 13m47s 15m29s 15m59s 16m03s 16m10s 16m43s 17m18s 18m41s
 7: 20m01s 21m42s 23m10s 23m21s 26m07s 27m48s 27m54s
 1: 36m24s 
 2: 40m57s 49m28s
 3: 53m40s 55m44s 57m10s 
 2: 63m35s 63m40s
 1: 78m43s
 2: 87m20s 88m23s
31   Mean duration of timed feeds = 32m55s, median duration = 23m10s.

Untimed feeds
10: +00m08s +01m44s +02m28s +03m01s +03m20s +03m28s +04m22s +07m32s +07m33s +09m09s
 9: +13m20s +13m33s +14m52s +15m01s +15m25s +15m37s +18m06s +18m08s +19m32s
 4: +21m26s +23m01s +26m26s +28m11s
 6: +34m10s +37m33s +37m12s +38m50s
 3: +41m27s +45m33s +45m49s +45m58s +46m53s
 1: +52m27s
 4: +60m52s +60m55s +61m01s +65m45s 
 2: +77m22s +77m38s 
 2: +92m46s +98m12s
 2: +101m36s +104m41s 
 2: +110m50s +117m42s
 1: +120m50s

16/06/14 1 + 1
07h09m00s F1 fly in, fish (16m03s)
08h07m36s R2 fly in, large fish (+117m42s)

18/06/14 4 + 2 (5 + 3)
06h27h55s F2 fly in, fish (+3m28s)
06h40m04s C2 fly in, fish (+15m37s)
07h32m59s F2 fly in, fish (held sideways), (7m45s)
07h50m23s F2 fly in, fish (7m48s)
08h24m33 D(1/2?) fly in, fish (16m10s)
08h28m11s F2 fly in, fish (23m21s)

20/06/14 3 + 4 (8+7)
06h25m18s B2 fly in, small fish (+4m22s)
06h30m05s C2 fly in, big fish (+9m09s)
06h35m48s R2 fly in, big fish (+14m52s)
06h36m21s D2 fly in, sm fish (+15m25s)
07h17m02s B2 fly in, fish (49m28s)
07h57m06s D2 fly in, fish (sm sandeel, 57m10s)
08h17m23s F2 fly in, fish (sm sandeel, 87m20s)

21/06/14 4+6 (12+13)
05h40m54s F2 fly in, fish (+7m32s)
05h40m55s B2 fly in, fish (+7m33s)
05h52m54s I2 fly in, fish (+19m32s)
06h09m47s S2 fly in, fish (15m29s)
06h10m55s N2 fly in, fish (wide? small clupeid?, +37m33s)
06h13m25s D2 fin, small fish (23m10s)
06h24m21s A2 fin, fish (18m41s)
06h31m51s F1 fin, fish (sm-md sandeel, 26m07s)
06h34m17s R2 fin, fish (md sandeel, +60m55s)
06h34m23s Q2 fin, fish (md sandeel?, +61m01s)

29/06/14 0+2 (12+15)
07h13m33s C2 fly in, small fish (+23m01s)
07h18m43s N2 fly in, fish (+28m11s)

30/06/14 1+6 (13+21)
06h06m45s A2 fly in, md sandeel? (+3m01s)
06h21m52s I2 fly in, sm clupeid? (+18m08s)
06h40m56s M2 fly in, md fish (+37m12s)
06h49m17s C2 fly in, sm-md clupeid? (+45m33s)
07h04m36s R2 fly in, md fish (+60m52s)
07h36m30s S2 fly in, fish (+92m46s)
07h39m40s A1 fly in , fish (63m35s)

01/07/14 4+3 (17+24)
05h43m26s F2 fly in, medium clupeid? (+8s)
05h56m37s I2 fly in, medium fish (+13m20s)
05h58m11s A2 fly in, small sandeel? (13m47s)
06h06m22s A2 fly in, medium sandeel (6m25s)
06h19m29s A2 fly in, medium sandeel (11m15s)
07h00m39s N2 fly in, fish (+77m22s)
07h14m05s I1 fly in, fish (63m40s)

02/07/14 1+4 (18+28)
06h04m25s S2 fly in, fish (+15m01s)
06h23m34s I2 fly in, fish (clupeid?, +34m10s)
06h28m14s A2 fly in, long sandeel? (+38m50s)
07h07m02s M2 fly in, fish (+77m38s)
07h21m53s A1 fly in, fish (36m24s)

03/07/14 3+4 (21+32)
06h17m10s E1 fly in, fish (15m59s)
06h24m15s S2 fly in, fish (+26m26s)
06h50m17s Q2 fly in, fish (+52m27s)
07h04m02s N2 fly in, fish (53m40s)
07h20m29s I2 fly in, fish (clupeid, 78m43s)
07h39m25s C2 fly in, small fish (+101m36s)
07h42m30s F2 fly in, sandeel? (+104m41s)

04/07/14 2+5 (23+37)
06h07m18s C2 fly in, fish (+2m28s)
06h08m10 B2 fly in, fish (+3m20s)
06h32m09s E2 fly in, fish (16m43s)
06h51m43s M2 fly in, fish (+46m53s)
07h10m35s D2 fly in, fish (+65m45s)
07h35m13s E1 fly in, fish (40m57s)
08h05m40s I2 fly in, fish (+120m50s)

06/07/14 4+5 (27+42)
05h46m40s E2 fly in, fish (+1m44s)
06h07m26s E2 fly in, fish (20m01s)
06h14m23s A2 fly in, fish (21m42s)
06h26m23s N2 fly in, fish (+41m27s)
06h30m45s B2 fly in, fish (+45m49s)
06h30m54s I2 fly in, fish (+45m58s)
07h10m27s E fly in, fish (55m44s)
07h23m08s M2 fly in, fish (+98m12s)
07h26m27s E fly in, fish (11m47s)

08/07/14 2+2 (29+44)
06h06m02s A2 fly in, fish (+18m06s)
06h09m22s E2 fly in, fish (+21m26s)
06h49m39s A2 fly in, fish (17m18s)
07h18m57s S2 fly in, fish (88m23s)

11/07/14 2+2 (31+46)
06h38m08s E2 fly in, fish (+13m33s)
07h28m35s E1 fly in, fish (27m54s)
08h01m46s E1 fly in, fish (27m48s)
08h15m25s M2 fly in, fish (+1h50m50s)

Internal Links
  • St Philip's Stone 2014
    • Provisioning rates in 2014 Provisioning rate of 0.29 feeds per chick hour
      (61 feeds / 214 chick.hours = 1.14 feeds per chick per 4 hours).
    • Parental attendance in 2014 Mean time that both parents were at nest site was 20.17% (=46h47m21s/232h00m00s). There was only one case of a chick being left unattendended by both parents - on 3rd July "Neolithic" was left for 4m34s after a fight dislodged its parent from the ledge.
    • Chick diet in 2014
    • Productivity in 2014 In 2014 there were 16 focal sites on my St Philip's Stone survey ledge. Site H was unoccupied this year, perhaps due to the severe storms of winter 2013-14. There were 15 active sites and one regular site. 12 sites produced chicks that either fledged, or were of fledging age (+15days old) when last seen. This gives a productivity of 75%. Of these 12 chicks, at least one failed post fledging.
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