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European Storm-petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus)
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From Lundy Birds blog:

5 Oct Amazing and long-awaited news...
I have just taken a slightly windswept mobile call from Tony Taylor who arrived on Lundy yesterday along with fellow ringers and birders Tony John & Luke Philips. A visit to the Old Light Manx Shearwater colony this evening Sunday 5th October in search of shearwater chicks to ring revealed something altogether more unexpected, though much anticipated a Storm Petrel chick! (more...)

From the LFS logbook:

5.10.14 STORM PETREL chick found by Luke Phillips, during a search of OL Colony for Shearwater chicks, 9pm. Ringed, measured, weighed + photographed. First confirmed breeding on Lundy. Luke Phillips, Tony Taylor, Tony John

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