Return to the Isle of Puffins

29th June 2014, transcription from video


06h50 PP change over
06h50 O no egg or chick?
06h51 C chick seen
06h52 I chick bill-under-R-wing
06h52-53 P1-T fight
06h53 S chick glimpse
06h53 D chick bill-under-R-wing
06h55m53s P1 fly out (no ring, +5m21s)
06h56 S chick seen
06h57 I chick bill-under-R-wing
06h57 T tenting imaginary chick/egg
06h59 S chick bill-under-L-wing
07h01m30 F2 fly out (+10m58s)
07h01 F chick bill-under-R-wing
07h01 G egg seen
07h03 F chick seen
07h03 D-E fight
07h03 D chick bill-under-R-wing
07h04 D chick seen
07h05m30s A2 fly out (+14m58s)


07h05 D chick seen
07h05 B chick bill-under-L-wing
07h05 F chick seen
07h06 Q tenting
07h07 F chick standing away from adult
07h07m35s F chick seen
07h08 Q chick bill-under-R-wing
07h09 C chick bill-under-R-wing?
07h10 B chick bill-under-L-wing
07h10 R chick flapping
07h10m53 Z fly in
07h11 R chick seen
07h12 I chick seen
07h12 R chick bill-under-L-wing
07h13m33s C2 fly in, small fish (+23m01s)
07h13 RAIN start
07h14 I chick seen
07h14 S chick seen
07h15 I chick bill-under-L-wing
07h15 C chick bill-under-L-wing
07h16 F chick bill-under-R-wing
07h16 S chick seen
07h18 A chick seen
07h18m43s N2 fly in, fish (+28m11s)
07h18 NN change over
07h19 N chick seen
07h20 N chick bill-under-L-wing


07h20m46s C2 fly out (7m14s)
07h20m49s Z fly out (9m56s)
07h21m51s Z fly in (1m02s)
07h23 A chick seen
07h23 S chick seen
07h23m53s Z2 fly in (site N), display fish, moved to site Z
07h24 S chick seen
07h24 A peck Z1
07h25 I chick bill-under-L-wing
07h25m18s A peck Z1, Z1 fly out, A chick seen
07h25 S chcik seen
07h25m50s Z1 fly in (32s)
07h26m07 A peck Z1,Z2, both fly out
07h26 A chick seen
07h26 E egg glimpse
07h26 N chick bill-under-R-wing
07h27 E egg seen
07h27m57s M chick seen!
! this is the first time that I've seen a chick on this site !
07h28 A chick seen
07h29m11s N1 fly out (no ring, 10m28s)
07h29 M chick seen
07h30 A chick seen
07h31m02s E2 fly in, no fish (open bill, +40m30s)
07h31 M chick seen
07h32 U fly in (site N), moved to site T/S
07h32 EE change over
07h32 T peck U?, U fly out
07h33 B chick seen


07h36 B chick seen
07h36 R chick flapping
07h37m44s E1 fly out (no ring, 6m42s)
07h37 R,I chick seen
07h38 R chick seen
07h39 R chick flapping
07h40 R chick flapping
07h41 R chick seen
07h42 R,B chick seen
07h43 R chick seen
07h44 R,S,B chick seen
07h44 D chick bill-under-R-wing
07h45 R chick seen
07h45 G egg seen
07h46 R,B chick seen
07h47 G egg seen
07h47 S chick seen
07h48m15m N1 fly in, no fish (open bill, 19m04s) 
07h48 S chick seen
07h49 G egg seen
07h49 RAIN
07h49 S chick seen
07h50 G egg seen


07h51 S chick seen
07h51 G egg seen

07h53m07s STOP

G140629B  07h53m48s - 08h56m20s: 0 feeds

Parental Attendance:

"Aplite"       14m58s
"Basalt"        0m00s
"Copper"        7m14s
"Dolerite"      0m00s
"Feldspar"     10m58s
"Igneous"       0m00s
"Mica"          0m00s
"Neolithic"    12m45s
"Quartz"        0m00s
"Regolith"      0m00s
"Struvite"      0m00s

GU:STPH2014Ee ( 6m42s)
GU:STPH2014Ge ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Oe ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Pe ( 5m21s)

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07h07m35s F chick seen

07h13m33s C2 fly in, md sprat (+23m01s)

07h18 A chick seen

07h18m43s N2 fly in, fish (+28m11s)

07h27m57s M chick seen!

07h39 R chick flapping wings
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Last Modified 21/05/16