8th November 2010 147 Guillemots
130 Common Guillemots (Uria aalge) were on the cliffs at Jenny's Cove, Lundy this morning.

Sub colony E3 had 23 birds. E9 6 birds. E11 34 birds.
Sub colony E14 had 67 birds in total: ledge G1 had 1 bird, 
G2a 17 birds, G2b 15 birds, G2c 11 birds, G3 5 birds, G4 11 birds, G5 7 birds.

The plumage of the bridled bird in E14 ledge G2a was T/B 
(ie. between 50% and full Breeding plumage)

The pair to the right on this bird were observed mating. 
The female's plumage was W (full Winter) and the male's W/T (between Winter and 50%).

8 Northern Fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis) were seen on the land in the Punchbowl Valley area. 
A similar number were flying around the cove.

17 Guillemots at Grand Fall's Zawn. 2 of which were on the provisioning survey ledge. 
No birds seen on St Mark's Stone or St Philip's Stone colonies.

No Razorbills seen.

Pre-breeding attendance

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