Return to the Isle of Puffins

1st July 2013


08h03m11s A.B.C.DD.E.FF.G.H.I. M.NXO.PPQ.R.S.T.U.

08h16m14s M2 fly in, fish
08h16m32s Z fly in, fish

08h17m50s Ex fly in, fish
08h20m18s Bx fly in, fish
08h20m M2 eats fish
08h20m OO changeover
08h25m38s O1 fly out (no ring)
08h47m08s Ex fly out (no ring, 29m18s)
08h51m54s Gx fly in, no fish (open bill)
08h52m BB change over
08h53m23s B1 fly out (pushed by B2??)
08h53m54s Ix fly in, fish
08h57m53s Ix fly out (no ring,3m59s)
09h00m03s Gx fly out (8m09s)
09h02m54s Cx fly in, fish

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Created 30/03/15
Last Modified 10/11/15