5th April 2015 362+ Guillemots on survey ledges

  • Video of St Philip's Stone breeding survey ledge
  • G150405: 07h44m53s - 08h45m01s, Canon XL2, Orion StarMax102, 1/50s, +6dB to +3dB gain, 25p SD
  • One Guillemot (GU:STPH2015Im) from the video had a metal ring on its right tarsus. This is probably the male Guillemot from site I that was recored last year (GU:STPH2014Im)
  • Visitors saw up to 45 Puffins at Jenny's Cove
  • Great Black-backed Gull eating a summer plumage Guillemot on the sea near St Mark's Stone
07h45 F6 16rz2kw2.(6)133rz4.56hg1

07h50 F4 (22)139rz25.18brz3 upper birds flighty

07h55 gbb eating gu on water north of stma, raft of 100 auks mostly rz west of stph

08h25 Jenny's Cove, 3 Puffins on Land, at least 2 on the water.

08h45 F4 2 Puffins on Land, 1 of them took dry grass into puffin burrow A.

Guillemot pre-breeding attendance

  • Section F 07h45BST, 362+
  • Guillemot pre-breeding survey
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    Puffin at F4 (video grab)

    Puffin at Jenny's Cove

    Guillemot Im returns for another season (video grab)

    Annotated version of above image (video grab)