15th May 2015 Guillemots on survey ledges

  • Video of St Philip's Stone provisioning ledge
  • G150515A: - Canon XL2, Orion StarMax102, 0.5x focal reducer, 1/100s, -3dB gain, 25p SD
  • G150513A2: - Canon XL2, Orion StarMax102, 1/50s, 6dB gain, 25p SD
  • G150513A3: - Canon XL2, Orion StarMax102, 1/50s, 3dB gain, 25p SD
  • Puffins at St Philip's Stone
07h29 Tape start

zaabccddeefgi mnopqtrsuu

07h35 C egg seen
07h37 C1 fly out

-7h43 T2 fly in

07h52 xm fin, pecked by m, xm fout
07h55 T egg seen
a no egg, m no egg, u no egg
08h03 a2 fin
08h08 g egg seen
f egg seen
08h24 aabccddeefgi mnopttqrs u

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    Puffin with metal ring, F4

    Pair T with egg