6th July 2015

  • Video of St Philip's Stone provisioning ledge
  • G150706A: 0hm - , feeds
  • Puffins at St Philip's Stone
  • Orange/yellow footed Razorbill at F5

06h34 tape A start
06h38 D fly in, no chick
06h38 a A.B.CCD.EEJ.F.G.I. M.N.OeP...T.R.S. U.
06h42 C2 fly out (+8m)
06h42 M2 fly in

06h46 AAB.C.D.EEJ.F.G.I. MMN.O.P...T.R.S. U.

06h49 E2 fly out
06h51 Xbc fly in, out
06h51 Z1 fly in
06h52 Rosslyn buLw
06h55 D1 with dry fish

07h00 AAB.C.D.E.J.F.G.I. MMN.O.P...T.R.S. U.

07h03 Cawood seen
07h03 AA co
07h04 Z fly in
07h08 F trying to incubate/brood, no egg or chick
07h12 A1? fly out (m)

07h15 A.B.C.D.E.J.F.G.I. MMN.O.P...T.R.S. U.

07h16 N fly out
07h18 B fly out
07h19 M1 fly out
07h20 M1 fly in
07h21 Rosslyn seen
07h22 RS fight
-7h28 Q fly in, display fish
07h29 E2 fly in, no fish?

07h30 A...C.D.EEJ.F.G.I. MM..O.P.Q.T.R.S. U.



Parental Attendance
Ascog      00:
Cawood     00:
Ingestre   00:
Rosslyn    00:
Shute      00:

Chicks seen: Ascog, Cawood, Ingestre, Rosslyn, Shute
Fledged: Belmont, Dutton, Gothic, Nicolle, Obriss, Princelet, Queen Anne
Failed (post-fledging?): Elton?
Egg between adults O and P (from pair F?.)

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